How To Find Unclaimed Treasure

Have you ever moved?  Changed cellphone providers?  Had a pension plan or a checking account?  You may have inadvertently missed money that was owed to you and is now property of your state.   True story, my husband moved from Daytona Beach about ten years ago and his utility deposit was not forwarded to his new address.  Years later, we entered his name into the FL Treasure Hunt website and found out he had a pretty nice chunk of change waiting to be claimed.

There is currently about $1.7 billion sitting in 4.5 million state unclaimed funds accounts. You can look for money in your name by going to the state website. Check back often because state officials are continuously updating accounts.

There are companies that will search for you, for a fee. but I recommend doing it yourself. It’s free to search and free to claim. The money is held indefinitely by the states, except for Indiana which only holds it for 25 years, then keeps it.

Simple to File, Simple to Claim

I would recommend a website called Unclaimed as your first stop looking for unclaimed funds because all states participate. Another good source, Missing Money can also locate missing money, but does not include all states. It’s simple; you type in your name and see if there’s money coming to you. You will be referred to the particular state’s site, where you either apply online or fill out and notorize a form you mail in, depending on how much money is involved.

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