Get Paid To Write Greeting Cards

We have all looked at cards and thought ‘I could do that!’

So what is the best way to go about it? Where do you start?
There are generally three styles of writing in greeting cards:

  • Verse
  • Prose and
  • Punchlines

You now have a starting point…

So now you know whom you want to approach, how do you go about it?
All card ranges are created many months before they appear in the shops. Publisher’s requirements also change all the time. Cards are highly seasonal and the copy isn’t written during the traditional seasons we enjoy eg. Publishers may need Christmas verses in July!

The best idea is to phone or write a brief letter to the publisher simply asking for their current editorial guidelines. Enclose a large SAE, the easier you make the editor’s day the better. When sending in your work, always enclose an SAE if you want it returned. Ensure the envelope is large enough for your work to fit back into and has enough stamps on it to cover the postage.

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